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Bubble Shooter Game Online

Posted by Dolores Cole on

About The Game

Bubble Shooter is a puzzle/shooter game that is commonly classed in the “marble popping” genre. Originally created by Abolutist LTD for Windows in 2001, the game has developed a widespread audience and fanbase because of its easy-to-learn-yet-hard-to-master gameplay. The genre that this casual game belongs to has over 200 million estimated active players.


The basic 2048 Online Games gameplay for Bubble Shooter is deceptively easy; all you have to do is form groups of three of the colored bubbles. This is done by aiming with the cursor and clicking to fire; the shot comes from the center of the bottom of the game window. The color of the bubble you will fire and the color of the next bubble in line are both displayed. When you use up your current number of shots, the bubbles drop down the screen, making it progressively more difficult to find a shot.

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Points are scored by scoring combinations. The more bubbles you can pop at the same time, the better. Bubbles can be popped in two different ways; one is by forming combinations of three or more, and the other is causing an “avalanche” by popping bubbles in such a way as to cut off an entire section of bubbles. You can win Online The Impossible Quiz 2 game by popping all of the bubbles onscreen, although this is somewhat difficult to do. Also, it is possible to get a lower score in a winning game than in a losing one.

There are several different difficulty levels available for play. Higher difficulties add complexity to the game by adding additional colors to the mix and changing how many shots you can miss before the wave of bubbles descends.

Two different modes of play Play Duck Life 4 Game are available. The more common mode, strategy, allows you to try to clear the board until the bubbles reach the bottom. Arcade, the other style of play, has a time limit. The goal is to score as high as possible before time runs all the way out.

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Strategy-type Bubble Shooter modes can have long-lasting games, sometimes more than 30 minutes. It’s easy to let time slip by as you try to clear the board on this difficult, yet addictive, Online Tunnel Rush game.

Tips And Tricks

Try to cut off large sections of bubbles to get high point scores. The more bubbles that pop at one time, the higher the score. If you can set up a big avalanche, you’ll be rewarded.

If you have Run 3 Game to fire a ball that doesn’t have a matching color available to link up with, put it with bubbles you are setting up to avalanche. That way you don’t have to take care of it later, because it will pop when you make those bubbles fall.

You can get bank shots (bounce a shot off the wall) to get around obstacles. While these shots are difficult, putting a bit of practice into them is well worth your time, as they make certain situations much easier to get out of.

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